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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Funeral

Buddies, our Kaka left us away. He now would never turn back. He has had loads of experiences. We're stunned when this news broke on our ears. We will miss you. This poem is paid as a homage to you. This short poem would describe a very little of you. The first superstar of this country is no more. His regal procession cannot be paralleled...

Observe the purged breath you take,
It may be the last effort you make.
Awaited yours the lasting sight,
Ambience now bears the basking bright.

Mourning could be heard from ‘Wake’,
Bereaved are deprived of their soul.
Embracing now clay akin body’s fake,
He took him away from fare hole.

Called are the celebrants to proceed,
Preparing him funeral bed to feed.
Across, embalming of corpse be done,
Funeral service is now to be turned.

Your casket is cosy requested well you sleep,
He sung you lullaby, that has gone so deep.
Preserve his last sigh in your memory down,
For he will never be seen back in your town.

Here goes his perfumed hearse by your street,
No place for sympathy, nothing for your greet.
Strutting ahead, his corpse bids his final adieu,
Not many are there, but soon replied by few.

Look, his cortege no lesser than regal procession,
He’s good or bad, their's different perception.
He’s now free from all the worldly encumbrances,
He doesn’t bother your views, neither your brisk

Brings him his loyal sons of kingdom,
Rex is he, now at unconquered par.
Lay him softly down, his wisdom,
Celebrants put forward and take him cured far.

His greatness could be felt from eulogies,
Gone is he, enchanted blessings from sophies.
You will always be in our heart dear,
Death is the only destination, where there’s no fear.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yearning Monsoon

Hey, buddies, I know everyone yearns for the monsoon. But He(God) sometimes make us cry, tease us, test us.....but we too know, how long He could stay anger....after all he is our creator. Don't we love our creation guys....? After a long gap(of about 2 years) I am back with my poems. After minding some suggestions from the readers of this blog, I have renovated my blog. Although it doesn't look snazzy...

You can mar, you can make,
Child yours, but can never take,
For you the peerless par,
Ever arranged their bread at supper?

Monsoon, grates the fiery cloud,
Yearning peeps be seen from every mound,
Tortured, cried the desperate farmer,
Taciturn He, made it still warmer.

Adding up the heat, the stronger gets the sun,
Your children are we, our hopes may not burn,
We can bear your wrath, if not ripe then raw,
Chauvinists youths are stub iconos than you can draw.

You’re the creator, you’re the destruction,
Open up your pile, do some construction.
Backup the happy days, restore it soon,
Omniscient, nothing but we want monsoon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hankering Thee

Perceiving thee in the ceremony,
Lest the senses; become dumb.
Shy was as I, dared not to speak.
Basking every instant of the moment,
Watching thee still, solemn ambiance
Surmounted, fear of losing thee in next.

O God, please hear me
As your child is I, hold the sand.
Do not haul the glee I cherish,
Glinting eyes, black hair, noticing not me;
But recording every single step of thee,
Sans shame, hankering thee, I pray,
But in next I found you nowhere,
Getting desperate fish without life giving water.
Please reciprocate the affection, I hoped,
Drenched was heart, never meeting thee again,
O God! Please escort me, please escort me,
Because I love my heart( her) ...

Quenching Human Heart, LOVE

In pang of jotting poem,
I struggle hard to title,
Heart weeping profusely,
In yearning for someone unknown,
Almighty why thee made emotions,
Chastising us, deracinating us,
Thus venture to satiate our hear.
But who know, someone detest but like.
I per se rapt in brooding halcyon,

But all for vain,
Because naught can surrogate
The pleasure of mouthful love.
Human hearts can be quenched by love,
The verity of life,
Thus endeavor to love humans,
Love can make, love can mar

Thursday, September 25, 2008


"O commotion prithee thee dig your progress,
Curtained eye perceiving mould's distress.
Red eye, parched, devoid of tears,
Folks, clasping their hand with their peers.
Democratic conspiracy couldn't be percepts by indigents,
Terrorism laugh at their besets, their agents."

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Last Truth: Death

Often we come to heat, that, as we take birth on this holy earth our fates are destined and we are stark a gubbins in the hand of God. We cannot do anything without God’s consent. But, in our soul there hid a bad master governing our fickle viscera. This bad master tells to act arbitrarily and infringe every blockades in-front of you, imposed by God. And this really become the point of consideration where something indispensable act has to be taken to pre-empt this up surging desire of this feeble humankind. However, there wafted an idea which could be a mentor to achieve the premeditated attempt. Why should not restrain their existence on pure earth for certain arduous years ? This was a suggestion, put forward by one of the cunning God. This idea was commended and avowed by rest of insouciant Gods.
Adjacent argue was that, if humans haunted and tussled hard to gain all credentials to dodge from the death, they will turn into immortal…..!
Eventually, the extreme omnipotent nodded and said, there shall be only one truth in the life stint of humans and inevitably no in dodging way to mankind, this is last truth and the only truth, the death.

Friendship(The Dwindling Star)

The new generation hangs up with trendsetters and during plight friends indeed through wealth and power. In fact, the true meaning of friendship has been effaced and salvaged destitute fragments are ban contradictory to beneficial mutualism. Where the weight of wad is more, the fragile friendship roll towards the latter side. The new generation site for personal preferences, and, quell the ethics of mutualism. Eventually, in the new generation friendship went into its death throes and imploring sigh and tribute to be paid for its wonderful stint full of glitz and glamour yesteryear.
What is friendship? Accordance with the heydey of dwindling friendship, the gleaming friendship is rather defined as ‘The mutual collaboration and cooperation and liaisons the exists between the duo and share their frolic and blues together.’
Consummation of subtle true friendship could merely be ascertained through sharing of elation and dejections, by not letting sheer tears to emerge for his/her friend's blazing eyes, slaking and dousing the unfulfilled desired in the heart of your true friends.

Dispersing Sunlight( A Ray Of Happiness)

As soon as the new budding eye grasped
The first sight at the dawn.
Longingness to espy the gleaming dusk escalated,
Jolting from couch in no time, tenterhooks act pawn
Patronizing to lead through the blazing ray beaconing an oriel window.
Weighty the good luck to me, the fiery ball with
Placid stream still lurking behind the far stout mountains.
Seam, mountain to cloud sought to be severed by a soothing fire,
Grinning countenance lingered, deploying entrails.
Beam appear to canter through all the hindering encumbrances.
The sacred pale flame is tangible but untouched,
Casting its shadows flawlessly from feet to hair edges,
Woof light struts between the spate of elation.
Itinerant sunlight, as if to be commended by turnouts.
Hallowed stream demolishing base of atrocious,
Producing sanctified earth from inane.
Maestro aurora bewitching each consigned to frolic bosoms.
Rishabh Sharma

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Perspective For My Shrine..

O St. John! Standing alike God,
Handling a kind rod,
Your fruits are palace of wisdom,
Where each reign his kingdom.

St. John’s School was established in 1996 and is affiliated to New Delhi.
It is absolutely credible of St. John’s school; being a shrine of wisdom. Having all credentials apportioned among preachers of this prestigious shrine, who preaches his disciple the wonder anthemic of conscience, intellect, perseverance and consciousness.
The ripe fruits of this shrine subsequent of their prior education are dispersed in all extended edge of this world. These fruits have several opines, stance and perspective towards this indomitable world and most indispensable, aspiration on the head of the forehead. Some aspired to turn into a doctor or an engineer or a professor or a sportsman, etc. But to tussle with it, they need a tactical and they have to be laborious and should toil and perspire hard, then only they will across the context of a dream they dreamt ere the time ran amok and leave them behind astonished.

Some good epitome of wisdom in this holy shrine are: Praveen sir(mathematics), Sr.Rexline(English), Manjula Ma’am(Hindi), Neeraj Sir(Physics), Yadav Sir(Chemistry), Shabeena Ma’am(Biology), Monika Ma’am(English).
These all preachers have envisaged some destination for all ‘His’ disciples. These are preachers who hold potentials to preach their disciple the basic pillar of precious monuments of conscience. There existence disparity between right and wrong and therefore there exist a conflict in our sole, like mould beholding various viscera, whether to go with authentic one with one which is fake.
These preachers are always worried for us and provide their disciple many things in restraint time. The preachers also be-ready us for the final test of all what we have been taught.
A whiff of a good preacher is that that they always try to produce best from better. They never rebuff any query from the side of their beloved disciples.

Become the eternal symbol of wisdom,
Demise all foes of this kingdom.
Stand akin shoulder of God,
Oh! God please give this plea, do not blot.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


To and fro strolling of jolted stream
Of sacred brook, the Ganga, the sage dream
Permeate akin shroud cloak the deceased,
The scampering motion of holy bell, when teased.
Chanting the verses and counting the rosary,
Cramming the ambience with prayer spree.
Pit-a-pat of feet of devotees, heard hueing-crying
And straying round the temple, midst the herd.
Meditating one saint scrupulously with whopping beard,
Calm and grin refurbish his physique attire,
Yellow hue plate running from shoulder to waist,
And weaving throughout thigh, gives good taste.
No worry, insouciant breath exhaled with clout.
A brutal savage rushed towards the meditating saint,
Sniveling, most fiery face and steps dainty.
Abusing, scathing, throwing all sorts of insult at him,
But for the saint, stood as if oblivious of his presence.
Energy wasted and savage stood exhausted and spent,
A questionnaire beside the placid saint asked-
"Why thou not retorted to his vilification?"
A short smile tittered throughout his cheeks,
The imperturbable saint replied the reason:
"Take for instance, gifting me thou a gift, from
Thy side what attitude should be flaunted by me?"
At this the questionnaire uttered :
"Up to you it is, thy consent is must."
The saint said,"the same I am saying,
Up to me it is and what if I do not accept ?"
"It will remain with me."
A short pause poised on duo,
The questionnaire turned to the coarse,
"Thy misdemeanours are not acceptable,
Please go from suburbs of saints' rays."
And brutal went into its death throes

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Across the traffic, amidst the herd,
Imploring to feed their darkened night.
Gashes on their soul and feet, heard,
Shouting and hauling all the attractions at the sight.
Emaciated stomach orate vague words,
Which empowers to assess their hunger,
Compassion and sympathy are of no avail,
They just need a morsel of chapati, whose wail
Is audible and deep resentment lingers
On the minion faced yokel, and fingers
Tremble and shuddered in quest of wealthy alms,
But for damn riches furnish scorn on palms.
Their beloved child has effaced ecstasy,
And could not remember to laugh, curse prophesy.
Ulcers and pains toil hard to check their momentum,
But no other pain can emulate their pain of hunger.
Feeble foundation trembles and stammered the voice,
Ragged clothes, beg in unsophisticated noise.
Non-compassion petty ignore them, does not feel shame,
Dried mouth in search and missed parent's tame.


Friday, May 9, 2008


It went long I was In Paradise,
It was a wonder with angel nice.
Tree full of embrace,
I was the victim of God's grace.
Ingrained of idleness reputed over me,
But of dissipated anxiety in glee.
Glorified with immortality husky,
Departed from mortal ambience dusty.
What was anguish? Was not in dictionary,
Amplified prodigious, what is worry?
Splendid, was mild grass with flea,
Don't panic they are also with a plea.
Good was God's pat,
Lying over all day on the mat.
Angel sing their glorious tale,
A legend of no male.
Hysterically came a gust of wind,
Simultaneously was the shout of a king.
Earthquake was on the way of turmoil,
All things went wrong when Heaven Boil.
What is this all about heaven in,
I wonder if I were prickled with a pin.
A peculiar sound came in my ear,
Blah...!woke up malevolent is here.
Sobbing hearing this voice,
Po..Po.. what is this noise.?
Shuddered off the somnolent, what a thunder!
Mistake has been done blunder.
School was missed auspiciously,
What a task has been done recklessly?
Tiresome period was on Thursday,
By the grace of Angels I was away.



Midst the blooming buds of blossoming fragrance,
Longing the spiritual ray with plea;
Turns around the buzzing bee, need a nectar,
Producing a honeydew(Ambrosia)from the nectar hast amassed,
While the eagle roar his dawn flight,
Greenery smiles the prospect of new
Born life, to be drunk by mortals,
The holy honeydew of their master's stoop.
The running ray surpasses all the
Obstructions offered by the living being,
But lit every dark hearts indifferently.
From the depth of 'His' unfathomed bosom,
Love for self, creature cries like
Mad dog longs to break shackles by.



Full many a struggling pang bewildered,
Mighty conscience licking turf murk;
Innovating ports get sturdy festered,
Frisking a stance, where it lurks.
Almighty negotiate confederate opines,
Creature should be overruled up high;
Confer bode well, hours nine,
Poised exuding a world, the nigh.
Engaged all encumbrance certain liabilities,
Turf dusts plumped for mortals emulate;
Architecture moulded a lot entities,
Thus, pestered almighties the durability calculate.
Willy-nilly chilled a annals opus connoted,
Embrace the period of existence on darks;
Next came, adjunction embattlement worries noted,
Commemorate dominance the fate stark.
Adjacent the skirmish on centred viscera site,
Insinuating the error locating o`er hill, under ice, moon;
Finally, fixed centred mortal mould tight,
E`suing mould`ll on dark soon.
O`er event past dramatizing waft,
Riffed hoarse extreme almighty roared;
Evolution yearn religious or social raft,
To fuse in a matrix poured. beside,
the animation attested on fold,
Further desire a partner elicit;
Compensating insouciantly the want, told,
Folks completed plummeting dark tacit.
Gnarled at the end of the show defined,
Repenting and atoning for the misdeed;
Desiring for wonder area confined,

Lost in soil forever like a centipede.


Dawn it was 5 o`clock,
Jolted from slumber with the noise of cock.
Good was not the morning,
As I was mot looking charming.
Instigating mistake was not the intention,
Since in response I will get retention.
But was the fault in me,
Sitting on my head was a flea.
My bicycle was waiting for me in the stall,
I have never thought of such a fault before forestall.
Was to go for marketing early in the morning,
Grandmother was gazing as if she was frowning.
Alighting from house was the mirage,
That bicycle was not in the garage.
Resplendent was the star in front of me,
Resolving without perhaps was not free.
Elaborating moment was it,
As the time was absolutely fit.
Grandfather gave love on my face,
Red criss-cross was as playing a race.
Conscience went on gnawing grass,
As centre of viscera was on play with bass.
Then was `silver lining in my cloud`,
Servant was he who exclaimed in loud.
Bicycle was marooned in the stall,
`this` was his statement inside the hall.
Hammer hammered on my head,
All the mystery was confronting my fed.
Letting my folks conscious about the fact,
I was evacuated from menace in fact.
I wish no one should attach such a brain,
Whose screw can be washed as stain.
Rishabh Sharma


O God! I asked thee,
Why thee moulded me?
Purging with your breath,
Sycophant and thus wrath;
Mortals are not masters of their fate,
Was instilled in our sole, inmate,
Then, why you invented us?
Just to devoid of our blush!
Fighting, killing and avenging; satiated thee?
Why thee moulded me?
Democracy, politics are thus our passion,
Contenting you in your mansion?
Student, Gnarled, Demise are ensuing definition of a child,
Ere, aren`t they your blood, but treating them wild.
Please, inscrutable omnipotent unfold your pile,
Supplicating you, prostrating, from down mile;
Your creature stumble and fall, mocked thee?
Why thee moulded me?
You said,"Nothing can surrogate shelter",
But you haul roof from heads of infants, doesn`t seems to falter.
Contemplate, what are you doing,
Is that sort of game are you playing?
Who righted you to hounding us?
Shouldn`t your creature shout thus?
Your part will relent to your principles; hoped thee?
Why thee moulded me?
why... why thee moulded me...????

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