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Friday, May 9, 2008


It went long I was In Paradise,
It was a wonder with angel nice.
Tree full of embrace,
I was the victim of God's grace.
Ingrained of idleness reputed over me,
But of dissipated anxiety in glee.
Glorified with immortality husky,
Departed from mortal ambience dusty.
What was anguish? Was not in dictionary,
Amplified prodigious, what is worry?
Splendid, was mild grass with flea,
Don't panic they are also with a plea.
Good was God's pat,
Lying over all day on the mat.
Angel sing their glorious tale,
A legend of no male.
Hysterically came a gust of wind,
Simultaneously was the shout of a king.
Earthquake was on the way of turmoil,
All things went wrong when Heaven Boil.
What is this all about heaven in,
I wonder if I were prickled with a pin.
A peculiar sound came in my ear,
Blah...!woke up malevolent is here.
Sobbing hearing this voice,
Po..Po.. what is this noise.?
Shuddered off the somnolent, what a thunder!
Mistake has been done blunder.
School was missed auspiciously,
What a task has been done recklessly?
Tiresome period was on Thursday,
By the grace of Angels I was away.


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sy said...

hey.rishubh all ur poemz are juzz soooo nice...u really a gud writer..really likd ur poem...

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