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Friday, May 9, 2008


Full many a struggling pang bewildered,
Mighty conscience licking turf murk;
Innovating ports get sturdy festered,
Frisking a stance, where it lurks.
Almighty negotiate confederate opines,
Creature should be overruled up high;
Confer bode well, hours nine,
Poised exuding a world, the nigh.
Engaged all encumbrance certain liabilities,
Turf dusts plumped for mortals emulate;
Architecture moulded a lot entities,
Thus, pestered almighties the durability calculate.
Willy-nilly chilled a annals opus connoted,
Embrace the period of existence on darks;
Next came, adjunction embattlement worries noted,
Commemorate dominance the fate stark.
Adjacent the skirmish on centred viscera site,
Insinuating the error locating o`er hill, under ice, moon;
Finally, fixed centred mortal mould tight,
E`suing mould`ll on dark soon.
O`er event past dramatizing waft,
Riffed hoarse extreme almighty roared;
Evolution yearn religious or social raft,
To fuse in a matrix poured. beside,
the animation attested on fold,
Further desire a partner elicit;
Compensating insouciantly the want, told,
Folks completed plummeting dark tacit.
Gnarled at the end of the show defined,
Repenting and atoning for the misdeed;
Desiring for wonder area confined,

Lost in soil forever like a centipede.

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Rishabh said...

this is a fantastic poem.....and I too wanna become a poet like...thanks for inspiring

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