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Friday, May 9, 2008


O God! I asked thee,
Why thee moulded me?
Purging with your breath,
Sycophant and thus wrath;
Mortals are not masters of their fate,
Was instilled in our sole, inmate,
Then, why you invented us?
Just to devoid of our blush!
Fighting, killing and avenging; satiated thee?
Why thee moulded me?
Democracy, politics are thus our passion,
Contenting you in your mansion?
Student, Gnarled, Demise are ensuing definition of a child,
Ere, aren`t they your blood, but treating them wild.
Please, inscrutable omnipotent unfold your pile,
Supplicating you, prostrating, from down mile;
Your creature stumble and fall, mocked thee?
Why thee moulded me?
You said,"Nothing can surrogate shelter",
But you haul roof from heads of infants, doesn`t seems to falter.
Contemplate, what are you doing,
Is that sort of game are you playing?
Who righted you to hounding us?
Shouldn`t your creature shout thus?
Your part will relent to your principles; hoped thee?
Why thee moulded me?
why... why thee moulded me...????


Anonymous said...

gr8 indeed!!
boy!i wonder wot else u hav in u?????
qualities .... i meant!!!

Anonymous said...

gr8 indeed yaar!!!
boy!! wot else hav u hidden un'rneath!!
richa here!!

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