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Thursday, May 22, 2008


To and fro strolling of jolted stream
Of sacred brook, the Ganga, the sage dream
Permeate akin shroud cloak the deceased,
The scampering motion of holy bell, when teased.
Chanting the verses and counting the rosary,
Cramming the ambience with prayer spree.
Pit-a-pat of feet of devotees, heard hueing-crying
And straying round the temple, midst the herd.
Meditating one saint scrupulously with whopping beard,
Calm and grin refurbish his physique attire,
Yellow hue plate running from shoulder to waist,
And weaving throughout thigh, gives good taste.
No worry, insouciant breath exhaled with clout.
A brutal savage rushed towards the meditating saint,
Sniveling, most fiery face and steps dainty.
Abusing, scathing, throwing all sorts of insult at him,
But for the saint, stood as if oblivious of his presence.
Energy wasted and savage stood exhausted and spent,
A questionnaire beside the placid saint asked-
"Why thou not retorted to his vilification?"
A short smile tittered throughout his cheeks,
The imperturbable saint replied the reason:
"Take for instance, gifting me thou a gift, from
Thy side what attitude should be flaunted by me?"
At this the questionnaire uttered :
"Up to you it is, thy consent is must."
The saint said,"the same I am saying,
Up to me it is and what if I do not accept ?"
"It will remain with me."
A short pause poised on duo,
The questionnaire turned to the coarse,
"Thy misdemeanours are not acceptable,
Please go from suburbs of saints' rays."
And brutal went into its death throes

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