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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dispersing Sunlight( A Ray Of Happiness)

As soon as the new budding eye grasped
The first sight at the dawn.
Longingness to espy the gleaming dusk escalated,
Jolting from couch in no time, tenterhooks act pawn
Patronizing to lead through the blazing ray beaconing an oriel window.
Weighty the good luck to me, the fiery ball with
Placid stream still lurking behind the far stout mountains.
Seam, mountain to cloud sought to be severed by a soothing fire,
Grinning countenance lingered, deploying entrails.
Beam appear to canter through all the hindering encumbrances.
The sacred pale flame is tangible but untouched,
Casting its shadows flawlessly from feet to hair edges,
Woof light struts between the spate of elation.
Itinerant sunlight, as if to be commended by turnouts.
Hallowed stream demolishing base of atrocious,
Producing sanctified earth from inane.
Maestro aurora bewitching each consigned to frolic bosoms.
Rishabh Sharma

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