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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Friendship(The Dwindling Star)

The new generation hangs up with trendsetters and during plight friends indeed through wealth and power. In fact, the true meaning of friendship has been effaced and salvaged destitute fragments are ban contradictory to beneficial mutualism. Where the weight of wad is more, the fragile friendship roll towards the latter side. The new generation site for personal preferences, and, quell the ethics of mutualism. Eventually, in the new generation friendship went into its death throes and imploring sigh and tribute to be paid for its wonderful stint full of glitz and glamour yesteryear.
What is friendship? Accordance with the heydey of dwindling friendship, the gleaming friendship is rather defined as ‘The mutual collaboration and cooperation and liaisons the exists between the duo and share their frolic and blues together.’
Consummation of subtle true friendship could merely be ascertained through sharing of elation and dejections, by not letting sheer tears to emerge for his/her friend's blazing eyes, slaking and dousing the unfulfilled desired in the heart of your true friends.

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Anonymous said...

yaa u hv shown d "real value of true frndship"......it's fantastic...

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