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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Last Truth: Death

Often we come to heat, that, as we take birth on this holy earth our fates are destined and we are stark a gubbins in the hand of God. We cannot do anything without God’s consent. But, in our soul there hid a bad master governing our fickle viscera. This bad master tells to act arbitrarily and infringe every blockades in-front of you, imposed by God. And this really become the point of consideration where something indispensable act has to be taken to pre-empt this up surging desire of this feeble humankind. However, there wafted an idea which could be a mentor to achieve the premeditated attempt. Why should not restrain their existence on pure earth for certain arduous years ? This was a suggestion, put forward by one of the cunning God. This idea was commended and avowed by rest of insouciant Gods.
Adjacent argue was that, if humans haunted and tussled hard to gain all credentials to dodge from the death, they will turn into immortal…..!
Eventually, the extreme omnipotent nodded and said, there shall be only one truth in the life stint of humans and inevitably no in dodging way to mankind, this is last truth and the only truth, the death.

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Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful thought friend keep it up.

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