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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hankering Thee

Perceiving thee in the ceremony,
Lest the senses; become dumb.
Shy was as I, dared not to speak.
Basking every instant of the moment,
Watching thee still, solemn ambiance
Surmounted, fear of losing thee in next.

O God, please hear me
As your child is I, hold the sand.
Do not haul the glee I cherish,
Glinting eyes, black hair, noticing not me;
But recording every single step of thee,
Sans shame, hankering thee, I pray,
But in next I found you nowhere,
Getting desperate fish without life giving water.
Please reciprocate the affection, I hoped,
Drenched was heart, never meeting thee again,
O God! Please escort me, please escort me,
Because I love my heart( her) ...

1 comment:

Shashank said...

brother its nice poem but please introduce those words which could be understood by all for reference please read the poetry of Wordsworth or Kipling.......best of luck for your next poem hope you make those amendments. Shashank your best friend

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