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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Funeral

Buddies, our Kaka left us away. He now would never turn back. He has had loads of experiences. We're stunned when this news broke on our ears. We will miss you. This poem is paid as a homage to you. This short poem would describe a very little of you. The first superstar of this country is no more. His regal procession cannot be paralleled...

Observe the purged breath you take,
It may be the last effort you make.
Awaited yours the lasting sight,
Ambience now bears the basking bright.

Mourning could be heard from ‘Wake’,
Bereaved are deprived of their soul.
Embracing now clay akin body’s fake,
He took him away from fare hole.

Called are the celebrants to proceed,
Preparing him funeral bed to feed.
Across, embalming of corpse be done,
Funeral service is now to be turned.

Your casket is cosy requested well you sleep,
He sung you lullaby, that has gone so deep.
Preserve his last sigh in your memory down,
For he will never be seen back in your town.

Here goes his perfumed hearse by your street,
No place for sympathy, nothing for your greet.
Strutting ahead, his corpse bids his final adieu,
Not many are there, but soon replied by few.

Look, his cortege no lesser than regal procession,
He’s good or bad, their's different perception.
He’s now free from all the worldly encumbrances,
He doesn’t bother your views, neither your brisk

Brings him his loyal sons of kingdom,
Rex is he, now at unconquered par.
Lay him softly down, his wisdom,
Celebrants put forward and take him cured far.

His greatness could be felt from eulogies,
Gone is he, enchanted blessings from sophies.
You will always be in our heart dear,
Death is the only destination, where there’s no fear.


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