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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yearning Monsoon

Hey, buddies, I know everyone yearns for the monsoon. But He(God) sometimes make us cry, tease us, test us.....but we too know, how long He could stay anger....after all he is our creator. Don't we love our creation guys....? After a long gap(of about 2 years) I am back with my poems. After minding some suggestions from the readers of this blog, I have renovated my blog. Although it doesn't look snazzy...

You can mar, you can make,
Child yours, but can never take,
For you the peerless par,
Ever arranged their bread at supper?

Monsoon, grates the fiery cloud,
Yearning peeps be seen from every mound,
Tortured, cried the desperate farmer,
Taciturn He, made it still warmer.

Adding up the heat, the stronger gets the sun,
Your children are we, our hopes may not burn,
We can bear your wrath, if not ripe then raw,
Chauvinists youths are stub iconos than you can draw.

You’re the creator, you’re the destruction,
Open up your pile, do some construction.
Backup the happy days, restore it soon,
Omniscient, nothing but we want monsoon.

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